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What’s on the doctor’s “don’t do” list? No driving? No housework? No lifting? And for how long?

Following surgery, all the things people normally do in a day still needs to be done. But post surgery, it won’t be the patient doing them. A simple trip to the grocery store isn’t simple when you can’t drive and you can’t reach the top shelf. Preparing a meal is no simple matter either.

When a family member is recovering from surgery, life goes on. But who can provide post surgery care? These days, not everyone has a support network ready to jump in and take care of business while you are out of commission. The closest family member could live two or more states away. Neighbors are gone all day. Friends care, but they aren’t available 24/7.

Friends and family are the best support system, but post surgery care can’t wait for their schedules to free them up. Bayside Home Care can stay with a loved one as needed, day or night. We can help your loved one manage medications and take care of errands and meals. Then when you pop in to visit, all you need to do is spend quality time with your loved one.

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