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Living to an advanced age and being able to live independently is possible for more and more seniors. But even those who have aged gracefully can use some help from time to time. Health can decline for a variety of reasons, and senior care can take many different forms.

You should consider senior care for a loved one when:

  • Companionship for emotional and social well being is a concern.
  • Housekeeping chores have become an issue.
  • Going out for a walk without getting lost has you worried sick.
  • Running errands alone is no longer possible.
  • Managing medications with impaired memory is no longer safe.
  • Signs of when needing home care: Not keeping up with proper hygiene and nutrition.

Not all declines in health or well being mean that seniors should immediately move to an assisted living facility. When seniors are still vibrant, it’s good to provide the kind of care that allows them to remain at home as long as they can still be safe. With the right support system, senior care allows your loved one to maintain relationships in their old, familiar neighborhood.

A time might come when a higher level of care is needed, but until then, senior care keeps people living in their homes. Bayside home care staff can provide the services you would do yourself if you could. We’ll keep an eye your loved one, and we’ll keep you posted on her well being. We don’t replace family, but our staff is like a family friend.

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